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Constructive Critisim

Critique and Criticism
Everyone has a critique story. Tell us yours. What are your feelings about critiquing? About criticism?
Ah critiques. One of the scariest things we writer’s often face (much like reviews). Often the first point at which we open ourselves up for feedback. When we put the stories we’ve put parts of ourselves into out there for someone to tell us everything that’s wrong with them. Also, another word for ‘constructive criticism’. Which is infinitely better than just criticism.
Personally, I love critiquing. Both sending my work out to people that I trust to give me honest feedback, and being trusted to give people that feedback.
One of the best things I think I’ve ever done as a writer is getting involved in betaing while writing fan fiction. I found it a fantastic place to break into both opening my work up for critique, and for learning to critique myself.
As for original fiction critiques, I would absolutely suggest getting involved with critique circle. There’s a lot of lovely people over there who will offer all sorts of critique and feedback. And a system in place should you run into anyone who critiques inappropriately.

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