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Anyone who knows me will tell you that I’m a bit of a tech junkie. I don’t replace tech often, but I rely on a lot of it for a lot of things. The other day I made a list of the technology I use daily, and I thought it would be interesting to look at just how reliant I am on it.

The Hub

My Packard Bell PC, lovingly known as ‘The Hub’, is the center of operations for many things. It runs Scrivener and Libre Office, my two main writing programs. It also runs Sims 3 and Netflix, which are obviously very important. ‘The Hub’ is named after the secret base in Torchwood for its information holding capabilities, and due to my general obsession with the show.

The Dambuster

My red iPod Nano, 5th gen. I originally bought it for myself as a well done for getting a weekend job at the end of my GCSEs. Now nearly six years old and still working mostly perfectly, despite pretty much constant use when I’m out of the house. Full of music, audiobooks, radioplays and podcasts. If I don’t have both earbuds in or my big headphones on I’ll generally have one in while the other hangs loose. It keeps my company running, walking to and from work and town, on train journeys and even at home in my room while writing – housemates don’t tend to appreciate my John Barrowman marathons for emotional scenes.

Briefly known as ‘Ianto’ before a holiday with my family in which the place we were staying at for some reason decided to play Dambusters repeatedly in the evenings to a crowd which consisted mostly of Germans. Lovely place, but it was all a bit odd.


My Nokia Lumia 630. I got it free with a super cheap contract, and I absolutely adore it (even if like, nowhere does apps for Windows and it drives me up the wall). It keeps me connected to the Internet and other tech when out and about, and I really couldn’t do without it. Mostly for emailing myself story ideas, I must admit.

Referred to as ‘Can’ after the much loved childhood came of linking two cans (or cups) with a piece of string and talking through them. Leads to some fun misunderstandings when I say I have to use the Can, and it means something rather different to other people.


My portable computer, and much preferable (for me) to a laptop. I can never say enough good things about Chromebooks as a concept and as a reality. Not only is it super quick, it’s also really portable. So light and easy to use.

As someone who loves to get out of my room, and out of the house, for writing, my Chromebook is one of the most important bits of tech I own. With a battery life of 6-8 hours when fully charged, it’s perfect for camping out in coffee shops and inhaling caffeine as I try to get through difficult scenes. It’s also fantastic for taking away on holidays or when travelling to visit family, as it’s easy to pack and can save everything even without Internet access.

Even though it’s well used and loved, and now well over a year old, this piece of tech still doesn’t have a fitting name. Any thoughts?


My brand new bit of tech, and the piece that actually made me think I should consider my tech useage. I picked up a Slate Fitbit Flex last week, after using the app for a few days and falling in love a little bit. Not only does it let me count steps, it’s going to be super useful for running, keeping track of calories, and my sleeping pattern. It still needs a name (I really like to name my tech), any thoughts or suggestions?

So, that’s my main tech usage. What do you guys rely on, day to day? Or less often?

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