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Character Art

Today I’m going to talk about something I rarely, if ever, see discussions of. Character art.

Yesterday, I received this finished sketch commission in my email inbox (from this lovely person here.) These guys are the three main characters from one of my upcoming series, which I am so very excited about.

Personally, I love art of my characters. I can’t draw for toffee, but if I see someone offering art that I can afford, I like to use it as a chance to treat myself. I like the opportunity to see my characters, rather than just imagine them. I also like the fact that it ties me into a project that bit more.

Having an idea of how characters look gives me, personally, a better idea of how they interact. It helps me to visualise them in the space that I’m writing them in. I definitely don’t have to have them, but it’s a bonus. Having written fan fiction for so long, I’ve been lucky in that I usually have plenty of visual material for characters. With original writing, I have to go out looking a bit more.

What do you think? Do you like character art? Not bother with it?

One response to “ Character Art ”

  1. Candlejack says:

    I personally love character art and I think it’s gotten a big more popular to see now that we’re well into the era of electronics. I would like to see novels include concepts of their characters personally as I don’t see that happen often, other than game manuals or comics.

    Then again, I’ve only just started dipping my foot into the writing kingdom. I’m actually an artist and I’m hoping I can make a living off of concept art (watch, I’m going to end up being the starving artist rofl). So I think this is cool, personally.

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