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It’s time for January’s WriYe blog circle, which by happy coincidence coincides with my first planned post of the year. So, let’s talk about my goals for 2016.

The first part of the blog circle is:

What’s your Wriye Word Count goal and why did you chose it? What are you going to be focusing on this year? What are you doing differently this year compared to last year

My word count goal this year is 750k, with a stretch goal of 1 million. In part because I know pushing myself is a good thing, and in part because I have some crazy, wonderful people to head for 1 million with.

My focus this year is going to be on original fiction that I will be looking towards self publishing. Though I’ll also be working on some fan fiction.

And the bonus question:

Set your intention for this year. Share it with us!

My intention for this year is to write a lot, edit a lot, and self publish within 2016. Preferably starting around April time. As my WriYe progress thread says, ‘2016, 750k and published or bust’.

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