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Check in #1

It’s one third of the way through the year. It’s my birthday (I’ve been spreading my fabulousness for 22 years as of today). And it’s time for my first goal check in of the year. Back in January, I made a post setting out my goals and projects for the year. I’m going to go […]

Archetypes – The Struggling Artist

Time for this month’s WriYe Blogging Circle post. All about archetypes (with a title about the one I feel I’m most likely to be classed as 😉 ). This month’s questions are: Can you pinpoint your current main character’s archetypes? How do you feel about the concept of archetypes? Do you think your character is […]

Sir Terry Pratchett

When I was thirteen years old, struggling with the social demands of school and relatively isolated, I picked up a book in my school library. It was a battered copy of a book called MORT, by an author I had heard of but never read before. When I was sixteen I spent ten days sailing […]

Why does anyone do anything?

It’s time for my reply to the WriYe February blog circle post. This month we’re talking about character motivations. There are a few questions in this one, so I’m going to break it down and answer them one at a time. What is the main motivation behind your characters? The answer to this one depends entirely […]

Sunday Summary

It’s the end of the week, which means it’s Sunday Summary time. I’ve not done much fiction writing this week. My 750words has mostly been taken up with planning and trying to work out what I actually want to write. This has been a theme for January, really. February, however, is going to be a […]

2015’s Projects

2015 is a big year for me. I’m out of full-time education for the first time since I started Primary school. I’m working my first full-time job. I’m living away from home and, for the first time, I’m seriously considering my long term future. With all of this comes rather more goals and plans than […]