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A bell tinkles brightly as you push the door to the small shop open. It catches again as you turn to close the door, cutting off the sound of the road outside. There’s a list on the back of the door, titled ‘Recommended Reading’.

The inside of the shop is dim, but not musty. An open window towards the back lets a breeze into the room. Set up beside the window is a large table, a ‘For Sale’ sign is attached to the wall behind it. The table itself is nearly empty, a single sheet of paper in the middle of it.

Two of the walls are covered, floor to ceiling, in heavy looking wooden bookcases. Most of them are stuffed with books. If you look closer you can see that there appear to be Post-it notes and slips of paper sticking out of the books. Some are titles you recognise, others are new to you.

Another of the walls is plastered with maps of places you don’t recognise. Shelves attached to the wall at around eye height have glass bottles on them, filled with various substances in a range of colours. Some are glowing, some are moving, and you get the distinct impression that one of them is looking right back at you.

There’s a door in the back wall, slightly propped open. You can hear typing coming from inside and the occasional bar of not quite on-tune humming. A sign beside the door says ‘Author at work’, but the open door feels almost like an invitation to interrupt.

What do you want to do?

To explore the ‘For Sale’ table, go to page 2.

To enter the ‘Author at work’ room, go to page 3.

To look at the annotated books on the shelves, go to page 4.

To look at the jars and maps, go to page 5.

To read the ‘Recommended Reading’ list on the back of the door, go to page 6.

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